Is drinking water safe in the USA?

AFM could be used in an industrial town in the USA to vastly improve its water quality, lower costs and save its crumbling economy. In the town of Flint, Michigan in the USA April 2014, the Local council decided to switch its municipal water source and chaos ensued. A mere 60 miles from the...

Landfill case study: Stirling

Activated Filter Media (AFM) is used successfully at landfill sites worldwide in the treatment of waste water. At this landfill site in Stirling, Scotland, the landfill leachate contained high levels of organic materials and ammonia. Leachate can be...
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AFM® water filtration for a secure high quality water supply

Aqua Solutions for AFM® Activated Filter Media is a replacement for sand, a system upgrade and an energy efficiency measure
AFM® water filtration for a secure high quality water supply

AFM Technical Information - Efficient and sustainable

AFM is the product of Research carried out by Dryden Aqua over the last 30 years, in association with the UK Government and European Commission under the Life Environment initiative LIF02/ENV/00146. It is manufactured in Scotland, UK...

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